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The real cost is the price a country pays when it doesn’t invest in public health systems. Now, India’s high population and high population density impose a limit on the use of land as well as challenges vis-à-vis food security. Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit "i was struggling" – Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen.

Pune leads daily COVID count among cities: Why it is struggling to contain the outbreak. Without football I am struggling – it is a drug and I want it back, warts and all Iraq’s economy is struggling and cases of the coronavirus are on the rise. I must confess that we are struggling with the issue of the Union’s reduced competence in this matter: the issuing of passports is a national prerogative and the European Union can only intervene with regard to the reinforcement of biometric data in passports and travel documents, with the aim of improving the security of those documents within the framework of border control.

So it revised the policy the next year and set new targets: 20% ethanol in petrol and 5% ethanol in diesel by 2030.The NBP obviously has a wide scope, and can contribute to energy security, climate change mitigation and the creation of new employment opportunities in rural India. In 2008, the NBP targeted an ethanol fraction of 20% in both petrol and diesel by 2017.However, by 2017, the government had achieved only a 2% blend with petrol and about 0.1% with diesel. Depending on the raw material, a biofuel is called 1G, 2G and 3G, where ‘G’ stands for ‘generation’.The source of 1G – the first generation of biofuels – include edible sources like molasses, sugar-containing materials like sugarcane, sugar beet and sorghum, starch-containing materials like corn, cassava and rotten potatoes, and edible oil seeds. How to use struggle in a sentence. struggling with abmühend struggling for breath {adj} {pres-p} [postpos.] However, it has been continuously unsuccessful because of the limited availability of biofuel sources, constant failure to adopt a right pricing formula for ethanol and other crops, procedural delays by state agencies and delayed procurement.So for now, the state’s principal goal has been to increase the supply of biofuels.Bioethanol and biodiesel in India can be produced from various sources.

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