Us bis unverified list

The Unverified List is set forth in Supplement No. (ii) Agrees not to use the item(s) for any use prohibited by the United States Export Administration Regulations (EAR), 15 CFR Parts 730-772, and agrees not to re-export or transfer (in-country) the item(s) to any destination, use or user prohibited by the EAR. Additional requirements have been established by the Bureau of Industry and Security on exports, reexports and in-country transfers of goods to foreign companies on the Unverified List. On May 17, 2018, the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) published in the (iii) Declares that the end use, end user, and country of ultimate destination of the item(s) subject to the EAR are as follows: [INSERT END USE, END USER, AND COUNTRY OF ULTIMATE DESTINATION].

A list of parties whose bona fides BIS has been unable to verify. 180214174–8174–01] amending the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) by adding thirty-three … 6 to Part 744 of the US Export Administration Regulations (EAR). The list specifies the license requirements and policy that apply to each listed party. The UVL lists names of companies that the Bureau of Industry Security (BIS) could not verify as bona fide because an end-user check could not be completed to a satisfactory level.
BIS evaluates license applications to any listed entity according to the policy stated in the “License Review Policy” column of the Entity List. 46 0 obj <

6 to Part 744 to the EAR, contains the names and addresses of foreign persons who are or have been parties to a transaction, as that such parties are described in § 748.5 of the EAR, involving the export, reexport, or transfer (in-country) of items subject to the EAR, and whose bona fides (i.e., legitimacy and reliability relating to the end use and end user of items subject to the EAR) BIS has been unable to verify through an end-use check. We’ll never share your e-mail address, we promise.© 2020 BDP International  | (iv) Agrees to cooperate with end-use checks, including a Post-Shipment Verification, conducted by or on behalf of the Bureau of Industry and Security, U.S. Department of Commerce, for any item subject to the EAR in transactions to which they were a party in the last five years. The Unverified List is a list of parties where BIS has been unable to verify the end-user in prior transactions. Usually, this is due to reasons outside of the US Government’s control.Parties listed on the UVL are ineligible to receive items subject to the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) by means of a license exception.In addition, exporters must file an Automated Export System record for all exports to parties listed on the UVL, and obtain a statement from such parties prior to exporting, re-exporting, or transferring to such parties any item subject to the EAR which is not subject to a license requirement.


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