PUBG LITE region list

In addition to PUBG’s standard 100-player battle royale mode, PUBG Lite includes a new 4v4 mode in which two teams fight to reach 40 eliminations in a warehouse surrounded by shipping containers and vehicles.It includes free and premium season passes, while an in-game currency called L-Coin can be used to purchase exclusive items.Game has been in open beta since January 2019“Since its conception, PUBG Lite has been designed to be a version of our game that is accessible to gamers with low specification computers and laptops, while providing the same sophistication in action and gunplay experience of the original PUBG game,” said Minkyu Park, development director of PUBG Lite.“From January 2019, we have worked hard to carefully listen to our community’s feedback to improve the quality of the game and we can’t wait to see how our newly added countries react, and how the game will continue to develop.“No part of this site or its content may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder.Users who pre-register for PUBG Lite by October 8 will receive free in-game items including a desert camo and weapon skins. I was just struggling with different clock timeNo, but you don’t need to install a VPN as PUBG lite is already available globally.I have provided the download link.It works for just fine here in Ghana. It would be very thankfulSo there are lots of VPN available in the market, but we need a VPN which has a Thailand based server so that you don’t face PUBG lite is unavailable in your country error. Pubg Lite Mobile Available Countries list is here. ?Now, you must be understanding that if you use a VPN, make sure you are setting it to the region where the game is already available. But there is always a workaround. PUBG LITE Beta Test will no longer be limited to Thailand but be available in nine more countries. PUBG LITE Open Beta Expansion Check the full list of countries joining this October.

If you use a VPN that may confuse the game server about your location. BTW I just wanted to ask you like is it possible that by installing this VPN my privacy could be compromised?it has the same error even though it is available in our region (Philippines)still getting same error in my country. India. Keep Sharing. Now PUBG PC lite has been expanded to 9 others countries as well. ||fully fixed||pubg lite showing region unavailable after official launch on 4th july|1 min fix! However, the game is only available in Thailand and only that region player can play as of now. ! Any of these can be reasons for the game not being available in your region. In case the PUBG Lite beta has unlocked in the above regions, and if you are able to access it, then the maps that would be playable are Erangel which transports you to an unknown island within the realms of the Black Sea. PUBG PC Lite Minimum Requirement.

At launch in 52 new countries in October, PUBG Lite will include English, Turkish, Portuguese (BR/PT), Spanish (LA/ES), Russian, German, French and Polish language support. Keep Supporting and Following.Pubg lite mobile available countries list is here. (Solved) PUBG PC Lite is Unavailable in Your Region - YouTube However if you still want to play! It has lots of location choose from.Once the time zone is set, you can use VPN server of that particular country.In case you can afford a paid VPN then the best paid VPN for PUBG lite is Nordvpn, it supports Thailand location server.This error occurs as PUBG lite launcher tries to access your location through your computers time zone. Pubg Lite Mobile is now officially available in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. The in-game modes which you could play are Solo, Duo, and Squad in tandem in the third-person-perspective (TPP). This guide will cover all these issues and the immediate solution to the problems as well.

Before we move on to How to install and play Pubg PC Lite in your pc here is the minimum requirement to play this game. Hello Players, As you may have seen through the REGION EXPANSION REGISTRATION EVENT, we have exciting news! Amazon Web Services (AWS) have server 'regions', and figures recorded on this page are for latency to PUBG server pools located within known hosting areas. The List Of The Regions Where PUBG Lite Beta Is Released Bangladesh Brunei Cambodia Laos Mayanmar Indonesia Malaysia Phillippines Singapore Taiwan Hongkong Macau As of today (February 13th) PUBG Lite The […]


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