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Perspective and context can be emotionally powerful, and I felt that the real harm done to them was by the new community of survivors that these women had joined decades later and which had convinced them to completely reinterpret the dynamics of the situation into a simple rapist vs survivor narrative.There is real political power in being able to claim oppressed and aggrieved status, but at the same time it can be very personally disempowering.

We all figured out a long time ago that human beings had certain failure modes where they can’t or don’t act in a way that is good for them/society when they end up in certain situations.

I strongly reject the implication of this article that women cannot handle this agency and require some form of protection.Like too many feminist articles it complains about an appeared unfairness but provides no alternative. Climax, not necessarily. Philosophers can muse and historians will judge. An analogy to a cup of tea so underrepresents the emotional and largely subconscious stakes at play that the analogy becomes trivial. It’s your ejaculate in someone else, no one is pushing their eggs into penises. All I’m saying is that perhaps some of the more “traditional” thoughts on casual sex existed for a reason. And definitely don’t establish policies, social conventions, waste time trying to make it better.I thought the MGTOWs were strange and paranoid, but now I have to admit that they were right.Yes. Thus an enlightened and fair society must allow women to change their minds about consent when they feel they have gotten a “bad deal” in their interaction with a man, and it is therefore only fair that woman can ruin a man’s life for failing to accurately read their minds in providing exactly what they wanted from the transaction, whether it is endless orgasms, a career in the movies, or an engagement ring and house with a picket fence.E. Should they have known I drank coffee and not offered me tea in the first place? So if i wanted to sum it and simplify it, perhaps i should remove the x,y,z and replace them with the actual terms and give a quantitative thought a more qualitative presentation. Looks like we’ve really progressed.Sex is not a transaction, it is closer to a gift exchange or a dance. @Katthrone i hope this is more clear now albeit i cannot claim it to be correct but at the very least a more succinct position than the mess i made in my first post (thanks to ccscientist’s comment).

For my part…maybe that’s the way it needs to go. By wlybaby X= Sex/intercourseSo Boy was willing to partake in oral sex in order to move on to intercourse. Happily, Catherine Deneuve (and a whole bunch of other French madames) still considers it with some sense. It seems, they are rather happy with this outlet.“women take a huge gamble when they engage in casual hookups, and when her sexual partner fails to realize this, or take the necessary precautions, the result will be a feeling of violation, a feeling of being harmed, a feeling of being taken advantage of.“Woman takes a gamble… makes man pay for it. Find a reasonable woman that you genuinely care about around your level of attractiveness, have a relationship, and enjoy sex. It seems to me that opposite is true: it would be obvious to anyone with a teaspoon of common sense that casual sex, generally speaking, carries more risks than sex in a relationship that has a degree of familiarity, or trust, or caring, or commitment…More broadly, I am wondering why, if women tend to be the “losers” in casual sex, what is preventing them from figuring that out after a little experimentation?

Oops, he/she didn’t call me the next day, one star. That appears to be the only way she wont feel harm in the uneven playing field you’ve laid out above. Live and Learn, move on why does every little misstep have to be so traumatising?Because we kept giving them trophies for participation and telling both teams nobody won. That’s a very interesting biological situation to investigate (look up Untrue by Wednesday Martin… Apes are weird fuckers)*There is no guarantee that men will pay child support (even if a judge tells them to). By toodogz422


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